eNet Connect

CBC eNet Connect is an agile cloud based SD-WAN that will enhance internet quality and performance accessing to global cloud based applications (e.g. Office 365, AWS, etc). 



  • Route optimization within China to improve Internet performance and adding 4G backup for high availability.

  • Improve Internet performance from China to International based on the CBC IPv4/IPv6 infrastructure.

  • Powerful & intuitive real-time network monitoring, with single portal that increase visibility & ease of management.

  • Enabling alliance partners in the ecosystem to deploy pure cloud & Internet SD-WAN infrastructure based on the partners requirements with minimal upfront cost.

  • Support traditional SD-WAN devices as underlay to improve the network performance within & outside China.

  • Deploy in large scale with automation, flexibility & quick deployment, e.g. retail shops

  • Highly cost effective than traditional SD-WAN devices, supporting most of the customer real applications and the flexibility to use different kind of access medium like Broadband Internet, 4G, etc.

  • Flexible and extensible architecture to extend service coverage globally with public cloud or end-user private cloud.


Benefits & Advantages

  • Last Mile: support Anytime, Anywhere Internet, including Broadband, 4G, etc

  • Backbone:CBC self-developed CloudRouter (ECR). Flexible and extensible architecture to build end-user corporate backbone

  • Management / Orchestration / Analytics: simplicity - Powerful & intuitive network monitoring. User customizable dashboards, view and charts

  • uCPE / multi-vendor CE: full-featured IP Edge routers that perform standard functions such as BGP, OSPF, ACLs, QoS, and various routing policies in addition to the overlay communication. N10 (CBCcom self-developed uCPE)

  • Business Speed: Set up in minutes instead of weeks/months

  • Carrier Neutral: provides the best connectivity options

  • Minimal Upfront Investment: pay as you go.

  • An ecosystem of resources for Growth & Profit.