International Private Line

CBCcom International Private Line provides seamless connectivity between 2 or more locations using both traditional TDM and Carrier Ethernet technologies to meet customers’ dedicated and secured WAN requirements.

SDH Platform

Ride on the SDH network to provide a secured and reliable connectivity between customer sites with guaranteed bandwidth and protection.


Built upon highly reliable carrier grade network equipment and resilient cable networks.

Multiple Connections

Offering point-to-point and point to multipoint (IEPL only) services.


Point to Point Topology

Suitable for a single connection between 2 customer sites.

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Point to Multipoint Topology

Suitable for connection between a hub site and multi spoke topology.

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  • Ride on the SDH network

  • Support ring protection

  • Various bandwidth selections from 2Mbps to 1Gbps

  • CoS transparency

  • Support both untagged and tagged frames

  • MTU: 1522 bytes to 9216 bytes