CBCcom and Tata Communications Collaborate To Laun


CBCcom and Tata Communications Collaborate To Laun

2014.11.13 10:29:29 Source:Sohu

Today China Broadband Communications, a leading ICT and Cloud Services provider in China partnered with Tata Communications, the leading global provider of telecommunications solutions, and twenty other service providers to launch IZO™, the world’s most comprehensive cloud enablement platform.

IZO™ is a networking platform that is the first of it’s kind.  IZO™ is a network platform provided by Tata Communications and supported by CBCcom that combines over 20 service providers, with over 50 data centers internationally and two of the world’s largest cloud platforms, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.  IZO™ takes the public Internet and uniquely engineers it to enable predictable routing, enterprise connectivity, and interconnection between data centers, creating the most comprehensive and reliable cloud enablement platform to date.

Due to CBCcom’s unique ability and success in providing international enterprise customers with both nationwide private IP broadband network and VPN, CBCcom was chosen to exclusively assist Tata Communications with the launching of IZO™ in China. CBCcom has Points-of-Presence in 90% of the major business districts in China and has successfully provided a large number of global enterprises with high-quality telecom, end-to-end solutions, and cloud computing services. CBCcom has high-quality products, excellent service, and provides comprehensive solutions to any user to satisfy the business enterprise’s service needs.

There are three aspects to IZO™, that provide an enterprise customer access to cloud, network and data center connectivity enabling the customer to easily build their own cloud according to their personal preference, whether that is private public, or hybrid. 

The first aspect of IZO™ is IZO™ Private which connects customers to cloud service providers through a global partnered interconnect arrangement with two of the world’s largest cloud platforms, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. IZO™ Private enables customers to connect to cloud services through private network connectivity. For businesses supported by CBCcom where security is of essence, IZO™ Private provides a private cloud secluded from the public network, assuring the utmost security. 

The second facet of IZO™ is IZO™ Public, which tags content for enterprise customers and prioritizes it for delivery to the Internet.  IZO™ Public assures excellent performance to businesses interested in providing a large capacity of content over the Internet. 

The final aspect of IZO™ is IZO™ Internet WAN, which provides customers with business class SLA’s for routing of traffic and enhanced customer service and reporting, through partnerships with twenty service providers across the globe. CBCcom is one of the public internet service providers of IZO™, helping to enhance IZO™ Internet WAN services, such as providing enterprise customers with securer and faster deployment while simultaneously providing a 30% decrease in cost of ownership. 

Richard Fung, CEO of CBCcom says “industry experts predict that the majority of all new applications will be delivered via the cloud in the next few years. As enterprises accelerate cloud adoption in-line with this growth, having a network that is secure, flexible and predictable for the hybrid cloud becomes a critical success factor for businesses. CBCcom is committed to working together with Tata Communications to deliver business-class SLAs over the public internet for multi-national organizations – making the global internet more fit for this business purpose.” 

CBCcom partnering with Tata Communications to provide the network infrastructure for IZO™ will expand the cloud computing market and will provide both domestic and international CBCcom customers with high-quality, efficient computing services to enhance enterprise customer’s network infrastructure.