Comprehensive strategic cooperation with BMN


Comprehensive strategic cooperation with BMN

2013.03.20 13:44:10 Source:中云网

Mar 20th, a strategic cooperation agreement had been signed between CBCcom and BMN. These two companies will fulfill each one’s advantage resources to enhance the deployment and collaboration of cloud computing technologies in Broadcasting and Television media field. Beijing Municipal Commission of Information and Technology officials, leaders of BMN and TOPV Digital TV Media Co., Ltd had attended this signing ceremony, witnessed this important moment together.

The founder of Cloud-Valley, Mr. Edward Tian expressed that the cloud technology is not only a new technology, but also an important power which can change business competition as well as society. The strategic cooperation with BMN adapts the entire development strategy of Beijing government. Additionally, it fits the law of business development. As the forerunner of technology innovation, both parties will be boosted, become the leader in each market. And then TOPV Media will be the most excellent and?the most influential  cloud media.

Mr. Liu Zhiyuan, the Party secretary of BMN said that the cooperation of BMN and Cloud-Valley will realize the mutual collaboration of relative advantages, and then achieve the best resource deployment. It is a specific action to implement the spirit of the third Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee. The deployment of cloud storage technology from both parties, will benefit the combination of the cloud technology and media technology in application layer, moreover, it will improve the development and convergence between information technology industry and broadcasting and media industry.

Jiang Guiping, the Deputy Director of Beijing Municipal Commission of Information and Technology believes that this signing ceremony is the landmark for bot BMN and Cloudy industry. The collaboration of cloudy industry and BMN will definitely help to improve the future competitiveness of BMN, and to promote excellent products of BMN to the whole country, and further to the whole world.

The first project of the cooperation is TOPV net – a Cloud Media Trading Platform [www.topvstore.com]. This project is the first collaboration practice between cloud computing technology and broadcast industry. By leveraging the information facilities resources of Cloud-Valley, this project will adopt multilevel technologies including cloud storage, cloud distribution, digital copyright protection (DRM) and e-commerce technology, It will become the biggest online media trading platform in China. The fast delivered, convenient, low cost with copyright online trading will support the healthy development of media industry, and further to satisfy the increasing video consuming demands. CBCcom and the technical department of BMN will work closely on behalf of Cloud Base and BMN, will have the regular communication on project cooperation, service development and operation and management.